From Beginner to Professional:
Pencil Portrait - from A to Z

A step-by-step drawing book on portraits, an essential must-have for beginners and professional artists alike. A drawing instruction book that is both designed to teach and delight.

To a novice artist it may seem that creating a portrait is very difficult, moreover to draw a realistic portrait may seem not feasible at all. However, if you follow the rules, and most importantly, understand their essence, everything becomes a lot easier. "Pencil Portrait - Drawing Techniques A to Z" is one of the best books to learn drawing, created with easy steps to speed up all the stages of work to create a pencil portrait.
Using the
#shimamethod, you can find all necessary exercises for you to understand basics of lighting, shading, proportions, anatomy, drawing glossy and matte objects, drawing drapery, sketching, composition of portraits and many more. 

"Pencil Portrait - Drawing Techniques A to Z" book consists of three main chapters:

  1. PARTS OF PORTRAIT. This chapter presents explanations of anatomy and information about peculiarities of drawing all parts of the face, head and shoulder girdle, sequence of drawing and examples by stages. You may read it first or come back after completing the practical exercises.

  2. PRACTICE. This is a main chapter. Here you can find different exercises and rules of creating volume in your drawing and perfecting a stroke. This chapter is structured in such a way, that even a person who has never drawn, after doing these exercises could draw and be more confident to move on to a portrait.

  3. PORTRAIT. When you have already understood the basics of lighting and shading, and actively drawing sketches, you can proceed to drawing a portrait. In this chapter author will talk about working on different types of portrait.

After a decade of teaching,
Anastasia Shimshilashvili - author of this book, has created this method, to demonstrate that anyone at any age can learn to draw. Most important is to progress consciously and in the right sequence, then you can fully enjoy the drawing process and its output.


"Great book. Everything is clear and understandable. Suitable for all skill levels. The author is an awesome artist with extensive experience in art, will tell and show what and how. Buy. You won’t regret!!"

- Nikolay M.

"I really liked the explanations about shading, analysis of errors and of the hatching direction. Simple and accessible, with much needed practical exercises."

- Tigrress

"One of the best drawing tutorials. Painted in detail, clearly shown. Very convenient format, lightweight, which distinguishes it from many weighty drawing books. The book covers the highlights for beginners. Also for practicing the theory - there are homework exercises."

- Ekaterinapoli

"Finally I found a really understandable book for a beginner for self-study!"

- Sergeev V.

"I like Anastasia's YouTube channel, so I was delighted to learn that she has released a book. Anastasia's approach is more academic, in contrast to popular sketches, but not boring. Perhaps this is the first drawing book that I read from beginning to an end (I have not mastered everything yet, but soon). Written in an easily understandable manner and without water. Reading is interesting and informative for a beginner."

- Katya M.

"One of the best drawing tutorials I've ever seen. Everything is very competently and clearly stated, without "water"; everything to the point, a lot of very useful advice that helped me a lot; I’ve not seen them in any literature on drawing. I really liked the language and manner of presentation of the material, as well as the description of rather rare techniques: drawing with sauce and working with tempera!"

- Tatiana R.


6 Reasons Why Pencil Portrait - Drawing techniques A to Z
is The Best Book for You: 

  • You will learn how to draw portraits of people of different age. You will understand the difference in drawing ageing and baby skin, the difference in drawing straight and curly hair, and much more.

  • You will learn how to create volume in your drawings, and draw matte and glossy objects.

  • You will get to know the anatomy and be able to analyse the subject. Each of the portrait components is broken down not only anatomically, but also in terms of a drawing sequence.

  • You will explore sketching from simple objects to portrait sketches.

  • This book will show you a self-study path, which will enable you to achieve a good result and improve existing skills.

  • Pencil Portrait - Drawing Techniques A to Z book contains over 200 author's graphic illustrations, which demonstrate all stages of drawing.

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