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Before & after #shimamethod

We can talk for hours about the benefits of #shimamethod, however, the works of students before and after learning and applying #shimamethod speak for themselves. 

in their own words - #shimamethod students

"Shima pays a great attention to details, which few people notice, but that brings sketches, drawings and paintings to a completely different level. Although I had an academic background in pencil drawing, I learnt a lot and significantly improved the level of academic drawing. I also learnt from scratch to sketch, and distinguish good ones from the rest. I'm still at the beginning of my journey in terms of learning anatomy, but I can already draw a portrait, both of a face and a full figure. Classes are once a week, with a homework for that week, which is actually enough for studying academic drawing (and painting) at home. My previous attempts of self-studying using video lessons, textbooks, as well as with other teachers didn't come close to producing the results I achieved while studying with Shima."

- Irena K. 

"I approached Nastya unable to draw whatsoever. At that time I had a very bad experience with other courses, where the tutor being unfulfilled and disappointed in life, didn't explain anything at all, but was trying to convince me that I shouldn't waste my time on drawing. Fortunately,  my desire to learn was still there, and I stumbled upon Nastya's very informative lessons on YouTube and it dawned on me: "I want to be her student!" I began my private lessons with her. After the very first lessons I was utterly in love with her teaching system, the way how she put everything from simple to the more complex, to enable your growth gradually, that after some time when you look back you can't believe that you've done such a long way step-by-step, and now can even paint portraits! I liked how Nastya takes into account the predisposition and interests of the students: for example, she's helping me to master digital painting, telling me different tips and nuances of digital art. Leaning online from her turned out to be very productive, because after getting lots of information at her lesson, you need to put everything into practice, as no one is going to finish your drawings or improve them for you! Therefore, I can't say that it's very easy, because it's work... her work, when she's so carried away by the lesson that she spends more time with you than agreed )) or when she receives a photo from me at night and begins commenting it ;) and I hear very genuine interest in my growth and progress in her voice... and I'm so glad that I finally found a person who helps me to bring my dreams into reality - through art."

- Olga B.

"Whatever I know I learnt from Nastya, in a very short time, her method allows to progress in the right direction 4 times faster. She's not obsessed with classics, therefore the result is literally instantaneous. Her method covers everything, including composition, building up stages, drawing, and all other mediums! Within the time I studied I improved enormously, I began to win competitions, as well as sell my paintings and get art commissions! I highly recommend her method!"

- Ada Gurevich 

"Before starting learning with Shima, I have tried many times to paint with oil, including with other teachers. But the results were pitiable, even the still life. Everything that came out resembled children's pictures. When I started learning based on her method, I got such good results, which are still very surprising for me. I wouldn't expect to paint portraits in such a short time. I'm especially glad that Shima doesn't correct my work herself, and only explains and demonstrates remotely. So, everything painted on canvas or drawn on paper is done with my own hands. It turned out that painting and drawing can be easily explained in an easy to understand and logical manner."

- Lana B.

"I learnt about Art Shima method on her YouTube channel, which sheds light on various topics about drawing, oil painting, watercolours, and gives lots of practical advice for artists from the insider perspective. I visited her solo exhibition in London and was amazed. When I found out about masterclasses I signed up for all of them without hesitation and got a great pleasure from the presentation of the materials and practical aspect. Anastasia perfectly explains and demonstrates with examples some challenging topics, points out what is important, and what you should avoid doing. Her method is very distinctive from other instructors, and even more so from usual textbooks, which often might confuse even more or not explain the topic at all. Her own artworks inspire and delight, and her students' works give hope. As a person she is a wonderful person, open in communication, and there's not an ounce of arrogance in her. Anastasia is a talent from God, and she shares generously her unique knowledge gained both at the best art schools and through her vast artistic and teaching experience. I am immensely grateful for her talent and generosity, for her talent and ability to inspire."

- Ardak K.

"About 7 years ago I stumbled upon Art Shima YouTube channel. Since then I consider Shima to be my teacher and a person who incredibly inspires me to create and improve myself. I often get back to the training videos on her channel  and open up the book she wrote, participate in the masterclasses, and this year I also started taking lessons via Skype. Anastasia has an incredible talent for presenting the material in an accessible and quality manner, clearly and straight to the point. It's great that there's an opportunity to get her feedback. And of course, it's incredible that there's an opportunity to learn from an artist, whose works regularly wins prizes at the world's most prestigious art exhibitions."

- Ekaterina M.


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