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A course for those who have just started to get acquainted with oil painting and want to learn more about oil painting art supplies and the nuances of working with them.



You'll learn about the types of oil paints, glazing and top paints. I will recommend a list of paints which are to be purchased first, and which ones are of secondary importance.


What to paint on?

What surfaces can be used for oil painting? You'll learn about canvases, boards, primers, paper and much more



You'll learn about the basic types of oil painting brushes. The section covers the benefits and limitations of different types of brushes, and what kind of paintings they are best suited for.

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A run through of all the different types of easels for painting. You'll learn the purpose and special features of each type of easel and which one is best suited for painting at home.

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Learn to choose a palette - from the form to the coating. I will show you the steps to extrude paints, and how to mix them on the palette.


Thinners and varnishes  

When working with oil paints, you need to understand how to dilute them. We'll also go through the importance of applying intermediary and topcoat varnish layers.

It is very important that after watching a course, you do your homework, applying the knowledge gained from the course.
Don't copy my work from the online course. Don't draw from photographs or videos.
You need to paint and draw real-life objects/subjects independently if you wish to achieve real progress and results.

all courses have unlimited access

you can watch them whenever is convenient for you

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