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This course unlocks the basics needed to master the visual arts. The course explains, in an accessible way, how to create volume and depth on a flat surface of paper or canvas. The course also explains the basic principles of depicting illuminated objects and space. You'll also learn all there is to know about shading and why you need it. The course goes into an in-depth analysis of the main mistakes one makes with brush strokes, and how to fix them. The fundamentals covered in this course are essential before developing more advanced drawing and painting skills.


light and shade

Explains the laws of light and shade, and what reflections are. You'll learn to create a volumetric image on a flat sheet of paper and create space.

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hatching and shading

Explains the basic principles of hatching and how to hatch different shapes. You'll learn to create volume with lines, details of human anatomy and types and application of shading



Provides a list of the required pencils and explains the criteria used to choose a pencil for a particular drawing. You'll also learn how to professionally sharpen a pencil.



A lot depends on the eraser. Erasers have different softness which impacts their behaviour when using them. You'll learn how to choose the right eraser for a specific type of graphic work.



In the practical part, you'll apply all the theoretical knowledge provided in the course. You'll learn how to properly sequence and phase your drawings, skills which will subsequently help to quickly move on to drawing portraits.

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Additional supplies

In this topic you will find lists of required pencils for drawing. There is also a table with the key stages of a drawing from the practical part, and other reminders.

It is very important that after watching a course, you do your homework, applying the knowledge gained from the course.
Don't copy my work from the online course. Don't draw from photographs or videos.

You need to paint and draw real-life objects/subjects independently if you wish to achieve real progress and results.

all courses have unlimited access

you can watch them whenever is convenient for you

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