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For novice and experienced artists
online-school & textbook
From initial brush strokes to skilled portraits

Unlock a step-by-step guide for pencil portraits with the online Art Shima School and Amazon bestselling textbook. It is an essential must-have for beginners and professional artists alike. Learn and be delighted simultaneously.

ENGLISH LANGUAGE textbook Coming soon

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To a novice artist it may seem that creating a portrait is incredibly difficult, moreover to draw a realistic portrait may feel unfeasible. However, if you follow foundational rules, and most importantly, embrace their essence, everything becomes a lot easier. ART SHIMA SCHOOL has been designed to simplify and accelerate the creation of your cherished portrait.
The unique and proven 
#shimamethod provides all the necessary exercises to understand the basics of lighting, shading, proportions, anatomy, drawing glossy and matte objects, drawing drapery, sketching, composition of portraits and much more. To learn more about the drawing and painting courses click the button below or navigate to the online school from the top menu.



"Pencil Portrait - Drawing Techniques A to Z" textbook consists of three main focus areas:

(currently available in russian. english version coming soon)

  1. PARTS OF A PORTRAIT. You will discover human anatomy and learn about the intricacies of drawing different parts of the face, head and upper body. You will be provided with details on how to sequence a drawing and see examples by stages.

  2. PRACTICE. "Practice makes perfect" so this is the main focus area. Here you can find different exercises and rules for creating depth in your drawings and perfecting your strokes. The exercises in this section are structured to increase in complexity and caters to different skill levels. A beginner can start with the basic exercises, build up confidence and skill to then move on to creating a portrait.

  3. PORTRAIT. Having mastered the basics of lighting and shading, and having actively drawn sketches, it's time to start creating a portrait. In this section, you will explore how to create different types of portraits.

Anastasia Shimshilashvili has used her experience educating artists for over a decade to create #shimamethod. The method is accessible to everyone, irrespective of experience and age.


"Great book. Everything is clear and understandable. Suitable for all skill levels. The author is an awesome artist with extensive experience in art, will tell and show what and how. Buy. You won’t regret!!"

- Nikolay M.

"I really liked the explanations about shading, analysis of errors and of the hatching direction. Simple and accessible, with much needed practical exercises."

- Tigrress

"One of the best drawing tutorials. Painted in detail, clearly shown. Very convenient format, lightweight, which distinguishes it from many weighty drawing books. The book covers the highlights for beginners. Also for practicing the theory - there are homework exercises."

- Ekaterinapoli

"Finally I found a really understandable book for a beginner for self-study!"

- Sergeev V.

"I like Anastasia's YouTube channel, so I was delighted to learn that she has released a book. Anastasia's approach is more academic, in contrast to popular sketches, but not boring. Perhaps this is the first drawing book that I read from beginning to an end (I have not mastered everything yet, but soon). Written in an easily understandable manner and without water. Reading is interesting and informative for a beginner."

- Katya M.

"One of the best drawing tutorials I've ever seen. Everything is very competently and clearly stated, without "water"; everything to the point, a lot of very useful advice that helped me a lot; I’ve not seen them in any literature on drawing. I really liked the language and manner of presentation of the material, as well as the description of rather rare techniques: drawing with sauce and working with tempera!"

- Tatiana R.


6 Reasons Why Pencil Portrait - Drawing techniques A to Z
is The Best textBook for You: 

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  • You will learn to draw portraits of diverse people - different ages, complexion, hair, and much more.

  • You will learn how to create depth in your drawings, and draw matte and glossy objects.

  • You will learn about human anatomy and use that knowledge to analyse a subject. Each component of a portrait is broken down anatomically with details about how it fits in a drawing sequence.

  • You will explore and build a range of sketching skills - from simple objects to portraits.

  • This book will provide you with a self-study guide supporting you to improve your existing skills and achieve your desired drawing goals.

  • Pencil Portrait - Drawing Techniques A to Z textbook contains over 200 graphic illustrations covering all the stages of a drawing.

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