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From introduction to materials and technical skills, to painting a complete watercolour portrait.

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Watercolour swatches and how to quickly navigate and mix colours.


Stretching paper

How to stretch paper onto a wooden panel for watercolour painting.

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Watercolour washes

Basic techniques of watercolour painting. How to remove small details and mix colours.

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basics of painting

The fundamentals of painting and reflections.


Starting your portrait and the first layers.

starting your work

continuing and completing your work

Sequencing your work with watercolours and addition of details.

It is very important that after watching a course, you do your homework, applying the knowledge gained from the course.
Don't copy my work from the online course.
Don't draw from photographs or videos.
You need to paint and draw real-life objects/subjects independently if you wish to achieve real progress and results.

all courses have unlimited access

you can watch them whenever is convenient for you

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