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This is a course for those who are already familiar with the basics of lighting (chiaroscuro) and are ready to advance their skills further. Sketching is essential for any artist, be it a portrait artist or a landscape painter. Nothing develops hand-eye co-ordination and drawing skills better than regular sketching. Any artwork begins with sketching, from a drawing to an oil painting.

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  1. Sketching frequently is the fastest and most effective way to learn to visualise and gauge the proportions of your subject.

  2. By continuously drawing sketches, you'll learn to quickly relax your wrist and master the "live" line.

  3. Sketches teach you to work sequentially to produce a complete piece of art.

  4. Sketching is a great way to practice and learn composition and laying out multiple drawings in a sheet.

  5. Is the best way to gather inspiration and collect material for a large, time-intensive piece of work.

  6. Any work, regardless of genre and art material, begins with a sketch. Therefore, the better and faster one sketches, the faster an artwork is produced.

from theory to practice

In this course you will find 3 long video lessons with a total duration of 6 academic hours.


In the theoretical part, you'll learn the basics of sketching and how to leverage them for different types of painting and drawing. The course deconstructs the theory behind a linear sketch and a local spot sketch, and, of course, provides a guide on how to draw them.

In the practical part, you'll learn how different sketches are drawn. To begin with, you'll practice sketches of simple objects and interior sketches. You'll then move on to drawing portrait sketches and finish off with drawing human figures.

Additional COURSE materials

In addition to the videos, you will find a number of additional materials. These include the course sketches themselves at different stages of drawing. You'll also have access to many other sketches. Furthermore, you will have a list with all the necessary pencils and an explanation of which pencils to use for what purposes along with a file that has a written memo about what the sketches are for and how to best work on them.

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It is very important that after watching a course, you do your homework, applying the knowledge gained from the course.
Don't copy my work from the online course. Don't draw from photographs or videos.
You need to paint and draw real-life objects/subjects independently if you wish to achieve real progress and results.

all courses have unlimited access
you can watch them whenever is convenient for you




If you are a novice artist, then start your #shimamethod journey with this course. You will learn the fundamentals essential for both drawing and painting.




Pencil drawing

From body proportions to detailed drawings with contrasting lighting and shading...

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